Things to buy during Emergency State Declaration | Motivist Japan


Is it really necessary to panic buy before a lock down? In Japan, when Covid-19 (then Ncov) was starting to become the hot topic, people hoarded masks. The usually cheap priced masks became expensive and shortly there was a shortage of it. After the mask, next thing that was reported that will be sold out was the toilet paper. People gathered in the supermarket, drug stores and even 100-yen shops to buy their supplies. The Japan Government quickly denied the rumor that there will be a shortage of toilet paper since the raw materials used in making these are from Japan and therefore can easily be procured and reproduced unlike the masks that most raw materials were from China which was the epicenter of the virus. 

The next items that were reported to be sold out were Natto and Banana. There were rumors that these foods can protect people from getting Corona virus as they boost your immune system. With the rumors spreading, stocks of natto and banana were quickly running low. 

After some further checking, including interviews from people who was part of the lock down in Wuhan China, the people are stocking the wrong item and food. So what should we really buy in case of a lock down? Check out our list. 


Flour can be used in several ways. You can use it to make bread in case you ran out of rice or meat. Craving for pizza? Make your own dough. Craving for Naan? Use your flour and make your own. Craving for store bought pancakes? Guess what, you can make your own. Flour can last up to one year if stored properly so next time you go on panic buying, make sure you buy flour. 


They are cheap, healthy and can be cooked in so many ways. Eggs can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are health conscious, you can boil them instead of frying. If you have kids at home, you can make omelet anytime. You can also use the eggs when baking your bread or cake. 


Canned food is the go to item of people who wanted to stock up whether because of typhoon or a calamity. They are easy to carry, cheap and can last for a very long time. You can buy sardines, tuna, spam or soup in can. Just make sure you don't eat it everyday because canned foods are not the healthiest. 


Usually during crisis, people stock up on water. However, the crisis we are facing is not some sort of natural disaster that may affect electricity or water supply. Instead we suggest stocking up on instant coffee. Especially if you will be doing online classes, sometimes home ambiance can make you feel sleepy and less enthusiastic because there's no human interaction. Coffee will help you survive during these times. You can even make your own barista coffee if having your usual latte seems boring.  Click this link to know how can you make the famous Dalgona coffee. 


Look for high grain and with less sugar cereals. Just like what is mentioned above, if you need a hassle free and ready to eat food, you can depend on cereals. 


If you want to stock up on meat, make sure to put them on freezer for longer shelf life. As for the vegetables, they may go bad if you try to freeze them and then unfreeze before cooking. Our suggestion is to cook them first, before putting them in your fridge. 


Protein bars are best to keep in stock as they are very healthy and won't spoil right away. In case situation gets worse and you were not allowed to go out to buy and re-stock food, protein bars can supply needed protein and energy. They can make you feel full and it increases your amino acid production for muscle build up. Just make sure you avoid those with high sugar level. 

Chocolates or Dark Chocolates in particular, is a powerful source of antioxidants. By eating dark chocolate, it stimulates and improve brain function. 


Potatoes are also good food to keep during this time. They can last up to 5 weeks if stored properly (should be colder than room temperature). Avoid washing them if you are not going to use them yet. You can also boil the potatoes and then put them in fridge, and they can last from 6 months to 1 year. 

You can make different type of dishes using potatoes. French fries, mashed potato and even potato mojos. Recently, Shakey's Japan released their mojo recipe for everyone to enjoy while stuck at home. 


They are very easy to store and not that expensive. You can even buy pasta in 100 yen shop as well as pasta sauce. 

If you are hesitant to go out and leave your house, you can always opt for online delivery. Here are some of the famous online store you can check:

AEON (https://shop.aeon.com/netsuper/)

AMAZON FRESH (https://www.amazon.co.jp)

ITO YOKADO (https://iyec.omni7.jp/top)

MARUETSU SUPERMARKET (https://maruetsu.net/smart/index.php)

As of this writing, Japan is not officially on lock down however people are advised to stay at home and limit the outside contact. The government already announced Emergency State Declaration for 7 prefectures including Tokyo, Osaka and Chiba which will last until May 6. Most of the language schools have moved their start date to May and changes are expected depending on the situation.