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Many young people smoke pot (on a regular basis). As our business is to help people come to Japan, we thought we should write about that topic. That's very important because the way Japanese see marijuana is very different from the way that, say, Americans, see it. Those who think that laws in their countries are strict should understand that things are quite relative … So let's be clear here:

In Japan, the use of pot is stricly prohibited.

No tolerance whatsoever …

だめ * !

One of the strictest LEGISLATION in the world

Japanese legislation is one of the strictest in the world when it comes to smoking pot in Japan. Unless one has a licence, one cannot possess, use nor, of course, deal cannabis.  If you are caught in the act, it is quite likely that the Police will be called. This is what happens here. A totally different way to look at this issue which is obviously taken very seriously in Japan.

So if you are a regular user, get used to the idea of having to abstain yourself in Japan. It would be a pity to be deported. Don't ruin your dreams for a joint!


* No !