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Spring is officially over. It's time to put the heat teach and warm blankets back to the closet. As summer is fast approaching, let's not forget that rainy season or also known as 梅雨 (tsuyuu) comes first before summer. Rainy season starts as early as June and will last until end of July. See below table for the rainy fall average prediction all over Japan. 


Region Average Start Date Average End Date
Okinawa May 9 June 23
Southern Kyushu May 31 July 14
Northern Kyushu June 5 July 19
Shikoku June 5 July 18
Chugoku June 7 July 21
Kansai June 7 July 21
Southern Chubu June 8 July 21
Northern Chubu June 12 July 24
Kanto June 8 July 21
Southern Tohoku June 12 July 25
Northern Tohoku June 14 July 28

Source: https://www.jrailpass.com/blog/rainy-season-japan

In order to prepare for the rainy season in Japan, we have a compiled a list of must haves that will come in handy during this time.




You need to have a sturdy umbrella that can survive wind and rain. If you have been staying in Japan for quite some time, you would understand how strong the wind is even on non rainy days. Imagine bicycles falling to the ground because of wind. The transparent umbrella you buy in convenience store can help you survive during normal rainy days but it is not recommended during windy days as they can easily break or tumble upside down. A good sturdy umbrella should cost around 1,000 yen and up. 


Recommended for those who use bicycle as a mode of transport. Do you know that it is illegal to hold an umbrella while biking in Japan? Riding in one hand amidst rain and wind can be very dangerous and accident prone so wear raincoat instead. Raincoats are very easy to carry as they are light and thin. Also recommended for students. 


Riding a taxi in Japan is not a very common thing since it is very costly. If riding a taxi is not option for you, make sure you are using a water proof bag especially if you need to walk long distance transferring from one station to another or from station to your language school (or work place) to avoid your books getting wet. 


Rain boots are not limited to kids in Japan. Japanese shoe company made rain boots and rain shoes very fashionable that even if you go to office, these boots still look nice and office appropriate. To avoid going to school or office with wet shoes and socks, please invest in rain boots. Price starts at 2,000 yen which is very affordable. 


Hanging your laundry outside is not advisable during rainy days. If you are stuck with damp clothes inside your home, make sure to have moisture odor absorber that you can you buy in any 100 yen shop or in Rakuten or Yodobashi Camera online if you want to avoid going out during this time. There are different types available such as for bathrooms or those you can hang inside the closet. 

photo from www.yodobashi.com