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We continue our series of reviewing sites to learn Japanese online (see our review of Japanese-Activator here). Today we will review the site Learn-Japanese-Adventure.com.

If we had judged by its appearance, we would surely have bounced out of this site quickly. It has literally zero design. Not only that but it is full of annoying banners … right in the middle of the page, nothing less.

learn japanese adventure | Learn Japanese Online

Thankfully, we dug further. And we found very valuable stuff.

If you are there for a language multimedia experience, pass your way. But if you want to find well-explained lessons, you will be happy you have found this site. The core of this site are the lessons, either “Basic” (31 lessons) or “Intermediary” (38 lessons). Explanations are clear. What is most appreciable is the fact that examples are all in hiragana, romaji and their meaning in English (with the introduction of kanji as well, in the more advanced lessons). It may sound a bit trivial but, believe it or not, not all sites provide this feature even though it is so helpful. It just makes things all the easier. And it helps beginners get a grasp of hiragana (and later kanji) quickly.


The examples translated in English are very helpful

The 69 lessons are really what make this site a good one. There is more material (including tips such as reviews of the best electronic dictionaries on the market …) but we would not bother with that. As for multimedia stuff, there are a few audio files … Basically next to nothing. Again, Learn-Japanese-Adventure.com should be viewed as nothing more than a complement to other sites. But a good complement.


The only multimedia material is a bunch of audio files


Those are the only 2 links you should care about: the 31 basic lessons and the 38 intermediate ones

How to use Learn-Japanese-Adventure

As the advertisements are really bothersome (and in case the mauve – blue color depresses you :-)) we recommend to take each lesson, one by one. Copy the text. Paste it in a Text Editor. Print. Put each lesson in a binder and you get yourself a nice Japanese language “book”. Follow the order and go through each lesson – one a day if possible.

A diamond in the rough

Learn-Japanese-Adventure.com is a diamond in the rough. It may look like one of those cheap sites with not much in it. But it contains a lot of good knowledge. Once you know how to use it, it is a perfect complement to a site like Japan-Activator.




Pros and Cons:


Well-explained lessons

Useful examples in Japanese, Romaji and English

All content is free


No Design at all

Annoying Ads

Almost no multimedia at all