Nagoya is the third largest Japanese metropolis (more than 2 millions inhabitants, almost 9 millions for the metropolitan area, called Chūkyō). It is also one of the largest Japanese harbors.

Located in the Chūbu region, Nagoya is in the center of Japan (Chūbu means “central region”). It is the capital of the Aichi prefecture.

The climate of Nagoya is subtropical, humid and hot in summer, cool in winter.

There are two airports in Nagoya, one of them an international airport, Chūbu Centrair International Airport.

There is a subway system in the city. And Nagoya Station is famous for being the largest train station (in terms of floor surface) in the world.

Nagoya is a major industrial center. It is famous in the aerospace industry and also in the car industry. Lexus, Mitsubishi motors, Toyota have their headquarters in or near Nagoya. A lot of high-technology multinationals from various fields have their headquarters or branches there.

There are plenty of Higher Education institutes in the Nagoya area, among which Nagoya University, Nanzan University.

Nagoya cuisine is also famous, with many unique local specialties.

Cultural life is rich in the city with many theaters, museums and historical sites. Nagoya is also known for its great baseball teams, the Chunichi Dragons.


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