How to sell your item in Second Hand Store in Japan | Motivist Japan


We have officially entered the Summer Season. The wind breeze starts to feel warm and humid. 

This means a change of wardrobe as well. Time to put the Spring clothes back in the closet and bring back the cotton shirts, straw hat and slippers. 

If you don't feel like keeping too many clothes because of limited space, don't worry. You can sell your clothes in second hand shop stores in Japan. Selling old clothes, phones, bag or shoes in Japan somewhat became a norm that's why second hand shops are popular and it instantly became a tourist destination.

Selling items in second hand shop is very easy. Basic Japanese is okay. Before going to the shop of your choice, make sure the shop accepts the item that you will be selling. For example, there are shops that only accept books, or clothes only, and some are for housing appliances only.

1. Upon entering the shop, find the counter for selling. It will usually have the “売り場” sign which means selling place (or counter).

2. Give the item that you want to sell. If you are selling in bulk, this might require time. The staff will give you a number which indicates time that you can comeback for the payment. Take note that selling counter for branded items, regular clothes and gadgets may be different. 

3. Store will pay the total amount to you after assessment. Please note second hand shops usually buy items in very cheap prices so don't expect that you will get even half of the amount you paid when you bought these items. For used clothes, they will typically pay 50-500 yen depending on the type. If you are selling summer clothes in winter season, chances are prices will drop as store cannot resell this right away. 

For items like mobile phone and Ipad or tablets, the staff will have to verify if gadget can be used in Japan, completely paid (if from a mobile company) and if it was not stolen. Also, the staff will ask for ID with Japan address so make sure you bring your Residence card or Health Insurance Card.

Famous Second Hand Shops:

1. Hard Off Group – Hard Off has expanded their stores from just selling and buying CDs and books to clothes, bags and appliances. Their other chain stores are Mode Off (clothes and shoes), Hobby Off (collectibles) and Book Off (books and manga's but big shop can have appliances and gadgets too) 

2. Ragtag – famous for selling branded items like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc. Located in Shinjuku and Shibuya 

3. 2nd street – Just like the Hard off group, they sell everything from bags, shoes and clothes. Branded and unbranded. They can be found all over Japan. 

You can also sell your items online via Mercari Japan. Mercari Japan works like Ebay. Just take some photos of your items and then post them online. If someone buys your item, 10% of your total sales will go to Mercari as commission fee. Once your item is sold, you have 3 months to withdraw earnings to your account. If total earnings did not reach 10,000 yen, a fee of 210 yen will be charged. 

You can also join Yahoo Auction especially if you want to sell something rare. You might get a good deal via auction rather than selling it in second hand shop.