5 Tips on How to Keep Track on Studying Japanese | Motivist Japan


If you made it this far, Congratulations! You are now settled in Japan with a part time job and studying everyday for the next 1-2 years of your life. Imagine this will be your routine from now on. Remember not all days will be awesome. Some days or week can be exhausting. You will feel tired and out of focus and that's okay. Every student goes through this phase at one point of their student life. Most important thing is how you can drive your enthusiasm back and move on from this phase.

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Tip 1.
If you are a type of student who always prefer studying in your dorm or share house, try packing your books and studying in a cafe once in a while. You can find cafes with free WiFi and in a good location. Japan cafe is usually quiet so you will definitely have no problem about the noise plus you will be surrounded by fellow students who are also studying so you will be more inspired.


Tip 2.
Walk, Run or Bike in the park. If you purchased a bike, might as well put it into use and tour around bike friendly parks of Japan. You can also opt to run if you want to sweat your stress out. Japan parks are clean and beautiful. If you hate exercising, you can just go for a walk and appreciate the beauty of the place. Include this on your weekly routine to avoid exhaustion.

Tip 3.
If you are taking the train from your house going to school, you probably have the monthly train pass. Use this pass to roam around the area. You can travel from any of the in between areas of your school and home without additional expenses since you are using your pass. Use this to unwind or find some places that you have never been to.


Tip 4.
If you know someone who was a Japanese student before and has graduated, talk to them. Ask for tips and advise on how they survived their Japanese student life. It's always best to hear it from the seniors because they've been on your shoes.

Tip 5.
Last but not the least, re-visit your goal. Before you went to Japan, you were asked to write a letter of reason why you want to study in Japan. Revisit that reason and do a self assessment. If you wrote because you want to watch anime without

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subtitles, go watch anime and check if you can understand them a bit now compared to before. Are you one step closer to your goal? Did you make progress? Can you now understand more words and kanjis prior coming to Japan? Handle a conversation perhaps?


Moving to a new country is definitely not easy. The language barrier is definitely one of biggest challenge when someone moves in Japan. We say keep on studying. Take a rest and then go back. You will be surprised how much you can improve in just a year.