Genki Tokyo branch is just a short walk from Shinjuku Station, the world’s busiest train station. The Japanese Language School overlooks the famous Hanazono Shrine, and students pass through the traditional shrine gates to enter the building. Despite being in the center of the busiest part of Japan, the school location is peaceful and relaxing.

The school offer flexible schedule, student can take course from 1-week to 6-month.  No special visa required to stay in Japan for up to 6 months. This course is not available on student visa. For student visa or 1 -year study course student need to apply at GenkiJACKS Fukuoka school. Quality courses and small numbers of students in each class (maximum 8, could be 9 student during peak season for a short period of time) are two of the reasons why this school is one of the most renowned for international students. 90% of school’s student are from OECD countries. .


Shinjuku Station is the busiest station in Japan, approximately two million passengers getting on and off every day. It’s served by a dozen railways and subway lines, it is also a major stops for long-distance highway buses.

Around the station, there are large entertainment, business and shopping area. You can find large department stores such as Odakyu, Halc and Isetan, hi-tech stores like Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera etc. West of the station is skyscraper district including Metropolitan Government Office which observation decks are open to the public for free. Northeast of the station is Kabuki-Cho, its Japan largest and wildest red light district features too many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, love hotels and wide variety of establishment for all (be careful of excessively high charge). The East exit of Shinjuku, you can find streets full of internet cafés, bookshops, and restaurants to take a break from your studies.


. Small number of students per class (no more than 8)

. Free wireless Internet access

. Study space

. A game console with a good selection of games

. Multimedia projectors in every class

. Manga/book library

. Free coffee/ tea


1. 6-months course Tokyo and Kyoto

This special course is one of the the most popular course. In most cases, no special visa is required to stay in Japan for up to 6 months. This course offer a big discount off school's standard Japanese tuition cost. Start dates are limited, but school can sometime be flexible, please contact us for more information.

Start January, April, July, October
Length 6
Schedule Monday to Friday 9:30~13:10, 11:25~15:50, 14:05~17:45
Number of hours 20 hours/week
Number of students 4 to 8
Japanese level required Any level
Total for 6 months 590,000 ¥

2. Core Japanese courses (1 to 6 months) – Tokyo and Kyoto

This standard course uses interesting and modern materials and activities to focus on improving students’ Japanese speaking ability a way that gives students the flexibility to adapt to new situations. Small-group classes are given both inside and outside of the classroom – you will learn essential communication techniques in structured lessons with the teacher, then practice them in real-world situations.
Students can add any of GenkiJACS Tokyo exciting modules or addons on top of this course for even more intensive Japanese learning experience.

Japanese + Conversation : Standard Japanese course + 5 hours focused on conversation

Japanese + Traditional Culture : Standard Japanese course + 6 hours of culture (calligraphy, tea ceremony and other cultural activities and Japan history …)

Japonais + Pop Culture : Standard Japanese course + 6 hours of pop culture (including introduction to manga, anime, cosplay …)

Start Contact us
Length Variable – Starting at 2 weeks
Schedule Monday to Friday 9:30~13:10, 11:25~15:50, 14:05~17:45 
Japanese level required Beginners accepted except Conversation
Number of students 4 to 8
Standard Japanese course 32,500 ¥/5 (20 hours) week
+ Conversation 10,000 ¥/5 extra class week
Traditional Culture
10,000 ¥/6 extra class week
Pop Culture
10,000 ¥/6 extra class week 

3. Online Lessons

Bring a little bit of Japan close to you without buying an expensive ticket to Japan. With GenkiJACS' online video lessons you learn from a highly qualified Japanese teacher, getting the quality of language education you deserve from the comfort of your home (or nest). Online private lessons always have you at the centre. Genkijacs will literally be bridging gaps of space and time to make sure that you can cross oceans and continents with a click of a button.

*Make sure to verify the time difference between Japan and where you are!

Cost for 50 minute lesson – 4,000 yen

Discount for former GenkiJACS students, or students who have already confirmed and paid for future study with Genkijacs – 3,600 yen



School offer activities every day of the week (and some in the weekends). Both paid and completely free. Activities includes language exchange program, language lounge, movie night, city tour, game nights, public Holiday field trips, festivals, weekly Friday party, Bowling, Karaoke etc.


GenkiJacs Tokyo provides various solutions. But we are also here to assist you to find other options. Among the solutions offered by Genki JACS (minimum 2 week-stays):

Breakfast only (price per week)
per extra night 4,100 yen
Breakfast and Dinner (price per week)
per extra night 4,650 yen
Breakfast only (price per week)
per extra night 4,100 yen
per extra night 4,000
Breakfast only (price per week)
per extra night 4,100 yen
per extra night 1,750

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