FAQ for New Students coming to Japan | Motivist Japan



1. If your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) was issued between October 1 to December 31 2019, COE is still valid until April 30, 2021.

2. If your Certificate of eligibility issued between January 1, 2020 and January 30, 2021 is still valid until July 31, 2021.

3. If your Certificate of eligibility issued on or after January 31, 2021, it is still valid for 6 months.

Source: http://www.moj.go.jp/isa/content/930005023.pdf


January 2021 and April 2021 intake

1. What will happen if I cannot attend the classes on time because of lockdown?

Depending on the school, some schools will conduct online classes until the student is able to come to Japan. Some students may also defer their start to the nearest intake date. Example, if you originally intend to start in April, you can request to move it to July instead. Make sure to check with your motivist agent first.

2. Do I still need to do quarantine?

Yes. Everyone arriving in Japan is required to do a 14-day quarantine. Before arriving, school will arrange your hotel stay for 14 days. School will ask you to shoulder part of the quarantine expenses.

Some students from specified countries may need to go to self-quarantine for 3 days at a location designated by Japan Immigration quarantine office first. On the third day they are required to take the covid-19 test and if the result is negative, then they can proceed to their respective hotel to complete the rest of the quarantine period. 

3. When can I go to Japan?

No one can really say when Japan will open its borders to students. Please check the MOFA website to be updated with recent announcements.

4. What will happen if I want to cancel my enrollment?

If an unprecedented event has occurred and there's no other way but to cancel your enrollment, please inform your Motivist Japan agent so they can inform the school. If you already paid your tuition and you have the original COE, please return the COE by mail to the school. Once the school received the COE, they will process a refund of payment (following the school's refund policy). If you haven't paid, the school will issue an invoice for the application/admission fee for the processing of your COE.

Updated as of April 7, 2021 (This page will be updated as needed)