As we wrote before, Japan has a diversity of religious beliefs. Yet, the strongest philosophy is perhaps Confucianism.

Confucianism's goal is to become a sacred person. In order to become a sacred person, people have to reach personal perfection. How does one reach this purpose? The answer is to study hard and have a solid knowledge about everything as well as strong morals as an individual. To become a discerning person.

Confucian ideas have a tendency to be criticized as symbols of feudal times. But what simply matters is internal morals. Confucius was a very normal person with tghe gift of common sense. He loved studying and playing music. In his long life, he first experienced frustration as a politician. In his last years, he was blessed by having a lot of great disciples. His long life is comparable to that of Gautama Buddha. Buddhism starts with a pessimistic view. On the contrary, Confucian principles are based on optimistic point of view.

Both Confucianism and Buddhism are considered as philosophies rather than religion. Oftentimes, it takes a long time to get to appreciate the Confucian ideas. The older one becomes, the better one may apprehend its principles. Confucianism used to be considered mainly as a political philosophy. It thus contributes to make the world more peaceful and show people the right path to follow.