Eat with Chopsticks: Foreigner's Life in Japan | Motivist Japan


One comment that all gaikokujin have heard in Japan is: “Wow, you can use chopsticks! Sugoi! (すごい)! ” (here “Sugoi” means “Terrific”).

Is this the expression of Japanese kindness or is it second degree humor? We tend to think it is the former. One thing is sure: to most foreigners, this is quite a futile observation.

First and foremost, when one lives in Japan, one would rather learn how to use chopsticks (and like rice). Surely enough, it is easy to find forks and knives.

But the standard remains using chopsticks in most restaurants. Secondly, it is not that difficult to use chopstick – it would not come to foreigners' minds to make a similar comment to Japanese people: “Oh you know how to use forks?”

Of course, that observation would be made with quite a lot of bad faith as using chopsticks requires, indeed, more training than using forks.

But we are digressing. By the way, can you eat with chopsticks? 🙂

Now, regardless of whether you can or cannot use chopsticks (of course we know you can), take a few minutes to check out this video made by the famous Japanese duo “Rahmens”  (^v^)