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Japanese Omiyage (お土産)

11 March 2020 / Comments: 0

Omiyage means a local specialty bought as a gift while traveling. These are normally given to friends, family or co-workers after you’ve been gone for a trip. In Japan train stations, you will see lots of boxes wrapped in colorful

How to Prepare for Your Senmon Gakko or University Interview in Japan

21 February 2020 / Comments: 0

So you are about to finish your language school studies and you are now ready to enter higher education in Japan. Before a student can be accepted in Senmon Gakko or University, student must first pass the entrance exam as

Start your Japanese with Hiragana and Katakana

14 February 2020 / Comments: 0

When you are planning to start something, always start with the basic and build a  strong foundation. In learning a new language, usual questions we get is where and how to begin? With Japanese language, it’s easy to get lost

Why Wearing Mask is Popular in Japan?

6 February 2020 / Comments: 0

It was 5 years ago when I first stepped in Japan. It was almost Spring and the first thing I noticed even before going out of the airport are the number of people wearing face mask. The questions in my

Recommended Activities in Tokyo during Spring

22 January 2020 / Comments: 0

Spring is around the corner. Soon the trees will turn pink and everyone will be busy preparing for the Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). Spring is one of the most anticipated seasons in Japan both for Japanese and Tourists. The weather

Intensive Japanese Language Course

26 December 2019 / Comments: 0

This article is for students looking for Intensive Japanese Language Courses in Japan. If you’re goal is to enter Higher Education such as University, Senmon Gakko or preparation for employment, then this article is for you.