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A little insight on Confucianism – About Individual Perfection

8 December 2015 / Comments: 0

As we wrote before, Japan has a diversity of religious beliefs. Yet, the strongest philosophy is perhaps Confucianism.
Confucianism’s goal is to become a sacred person. In order to become a sacred person, people have to reach personal perfection. How does one reach

Questions to Ponder Before Studying in Japan

4 December 2015 / Comments: 0

You love Japan. You have decided you want to experience life there. The best path for that is to learn the language first. So you intend to spend a year – maybe more – to learn Japanese in a language

Activities at Japanese Language Schools

25 November 2015 / Comments: 0

Foreign students always keep fond memories of their studies in Japan. One of the main reasons for that are the activities outside of the school premises. Japanese culture is so rich and so unique that all language schools include numerous activities in

Religious Diversity in Japan

17 November 2015 / Comments: 0

Most Japanese think themselves as non-religious. Yet, there are not many countries that have more diversity in religions than Japan.
When a baby is born, Japanese celebrate according to Shinto rites. Shinto is the Japanese original traditional religion. It relates to worshiping the emperor and nature.

What Positions for Part-Time Work in Japan?

16 November 2015 / Comments: 1

One advantage of studying in Japan is the relative low tuition fees, compared with the US, the UK and other popular destinations. On top of that, foreign students in Japan are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week,

Why Kanji have Many Pronunciations?

4 November 2015 / Comments: 0

When one decides to learn Japanese, Kanji can be really confusing. Not only because of the strokes. But also because Kanji has a lot of variations in its sound. Actually, not only sounds. One Kanji also has various meanings. In this